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Just like that, Gutters are Up!

Gutters - Front of House

The suspense was killing me, but Ally ensured me at every step of the way that the gutter installation was going smoothly, and reminded me that she wouldn’t be sending me any photos until the finished product was complete (though I made her promise to document the journey for the blog, and she delivered! Please see photos throughout the August blog posts – including those found here – for the full installation/upgrade).

Having done some work together in the area previously, SUNTEX consulted with their partners at Norandex (see here for product details:, and were able to fit a one-day custom installation for our new gutters, which I might add, matched the new trim of the house perfectly.

With the Gutter install complete, it’s finally time for Issacs’s birthday party! This week we celebrate a SUNTEX family holiday as the youngest Mendoza turns four! Though they’ve enjoyed exploring some of the local parks and hikes around Austin, the kids had been looking forward to Friday all week when their youngest brother will turn four and everyone gets to go to Chuck-E-Cheese ( for dinner!

With seamless effort, Alejandra and team had orchestrated the whole week – including the rain delays, 95% of the exterior paint (with the final 5% intentionally being saved for post window-installation), the first half of the window installations, the third-party installation of Gutters, thanks to our friends at Norandex (see here for gutter/rain product details: – as well as a birthday party with the whole family at Chuck-E-Cheese to cap off the week!

While I had little service in the mountains, she coordinated with me to let me know of their progress, and I was stunned to see the coordinated effort that went into completing each project on time, and in perfect step with the rest of the team. She wouldn’t dare send me any of the photos mid-way through to hold the surprise and suspense until the end, so please enjoy the sneak peaks above into this week’s progress! The exterior paint has already transformed our home, but the gutters blend in perfectly. Of course, I wouldn’t know any of this for three more weeks since we were still on the road.

Gutters - Front, Left side of House    Gutters - Front, Right side of House

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